Jerusalem, ikhaya lam (translation)

Xhosa Hymn 258:

Jerusalem, ikhaya lam, Endilithandayo;
Wofezwa nin’ umzamo wam?
Ze ndiphumle kuwe.

Jerusalem,my home
That which I love;
When will you hear my striving
So I may rest in you.

Obona nin’ amehlo am
Loo masango mahle;
Nezitrata zegolide,
Zomzi wosindiso?

When will you see my eyes
Ooh beautiful gates;
With golden streets
That lead to a house that saves?

Umzi omhle kuneEden,
Ongangenwa soono;
Nezihlalo zawo zihle;
Ndikhumbula wona.

A beautiful home more than Eden,
With no pain or sorrows;
With beautiful resting places
I remember it.

Zingandidakumbisa na
Iintlungu nokufa?
Se ndiyibon’ iKanana

Would the following chase/ scare me
Pain (suffering) and death?
I will see Kanana (river of life)
That is far stretched inside.

Namabandl’ aabapostile
Angqong’ umSindisi;
Nabo bonk’ abakuKristu,
Baya kuya khona.

With groups of apostles
Who follow the Saviour
And all Christians
Will go there.

Ndiya kulangazelela,
Jerusalem entSa;
Imizamo yam yophela
Ndakufika kuwe.

I long for you
Oh Jerusalem;
All my striving (trials and tribulations) will end
When I arrive where You are.

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2 Responses to Jerusalem, ikhaya lam (translation)

  1. Elvis Sebetha. says:

    I like this hymn with my entire heart,yeah its touches my feelings.

  2. Senganga says:

    Beautiful song and beautiful translation. The song is called Jerusalem My Happy Home in English. The original lyrics is said to have be written by a Catholic Monk date around 1583 and the author’s inscription just says “A song made by F. B. P. to the tune of DIANA.” It was then rewrote by a gentleman called Joseph Bromehead (1748-1826) in around 1795. Music: Barre, Ed­ward Clark, 1871. I have pasted Mr. Bromehead lyrics down. Thank you very much for the lyrics and the translation as I am not a Zulu speaker in made it easy for me to sing alone. Below is the English version

    Jerusalem, my happy home!
    Name ever dear to me;
    When shall my labors have an end,
    In joy, and peace, and thee?

    When shall these eyes thy heaven built walls
    And pearly gates behold?
    Thy bulwarks, with salvation strong,
    And streets of shining gold?

    There happier bowers than Eden’s bloom,
    Nor sin nor sorrow know:
    Blest seats, through rude and stormy scenes,
    I onward press to you.

    Why should I shrink at pain and woe?
    Or feel at death dismay?
    I’ve Canaan’s goodly land in view,
    And realms of endless day.

    Apostles, martyrs, prophets there
    Around my Savior stand;
    And soon my friends in Christ below
    Will join the glorious band.

    Jerusalem, my happy home!
    My soul still pants for thee;
    Then shall my labors have an end,
    When I thy joys shall see.

    O Christ do Thou my soul prepare
    For that bright home of love;
    That I may see Thee and adore,
    With all Thy saints above.

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