Modimo wa boikhanyo Hymn 13 – Methodist

Modimo wa boikanyo,
Re ikanya mo go wena,
O gogile boraetsho
Mo dinageng tsa lenyora

Mme re lopa ka tlhoafalo
Matshego a ba a bonyeng,
O nne Modimo wa rona,
Mothusi mo tshikatshikeng

Mo ditseleng tsa botshelo
Goga dikgato tsa rona,
Re tle re fitlhe kwa o teng
Legaeng je re le batlang

Re femele mo diphatseng,
Re se digelwe ke sepe,
Re Nee se re se tlhokang,
Dijo le tse di aparwang.

Thuso e re a e lopa
Mo botlalong jwa gago Rra,
Mme re tla go itshenkela,
Re go direle ka metlha.

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41 Responses to Modimo wa boikhanyo Hymn 13 – Methodist

  1. I remember those days of our late grand parents, wen GOD’s SPIRIT was all over our country wen there was stil that time of prayer for the whole community, village, town, province &the country @large. I misd those times

  2. Lungiswa says:

    I really miss those days when my granny used to sit us down,sing hymns with us and teach us praying.This used to happen every night and in the morning before a new day starts.

  3. Dikeledi says:

    i’m so happy to find these lyrics…..I enjoy how TEBOHO sings it a true worship song…
    now family time is replaced by facebook, twitter, myspace, 2go whatsapp….its up to us as young parents to teach our kids what our parents and grandparents taught us….

  4. Dikeledi says:

    i’m so happy to have found these lyrics…..I enjoy how tEBOHO sings it a true worship song…
    now that family time has been replaced by facebook, twitter, myspace, 2go, whatsapp…it is up to us as young parents to teach our kids the values our parents and grandparentstaught us ….

  5. Mo says:

    I love hw teboho sings ths song!total worship in tru meaning,jus reminds me a long tym bek wen God showd us hs gr8 hand thru prayer wen th enemy ws sweepin lyk a flood,i ws young by then bt i stil vividly remember evry singl thng happend tht God the everlasting God heard our parents prayers firsthand.”OH TASTE N C THT TH LORD IS GUD!

  6. Refgal says:

    Wer can i get dis song plzzz pipol i reali wana hav it

  7. omphemetse diale says:

    can sm1 plz rite da full vesion of methodist modimo o boikanyo plz i have the song bt i just want da lyrics to with it plz any one MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  8. dixie says:

    Eish lenna kea batla dat song yah tebogo bathong. (Modimo wa boikanyo) eish dis song!!!kills me Crus

  9. lebusang Ramanna says:

    I love ths song

  10. Will Tiro says:

    Whenever i hear this song I loose it because it takes me to another level, a prayer on its own and I so wish we can understand the message that the song is carrying ooohhh I love it with my heart…

  11. Itu says:

    Ena yona ke kopelo ya dikopelo,
    ke e rata gona fa e opelwa ke Mothodist….

    • manape Malebana says:

      I truly love this song it is similar to Jehova Morena wa rona re ntse re phela ka wena ka mengwaga le mengwaga, dithaba di so tswale, lefase le so bopye, ha e sale o le Modimo o sa balweng le dilemo. He is still the same God.

  12. mahlangu nhlanhla siphiwe says:

    May u pls email it 2me

  13. TUMISANG says:

    am so happy coz today I finally got the song that I have been looking for so many years thanks tebogo I appreciate a lot

  14. Gontse says:

    I like the song very it bless me, so it is pivotal for to have this song so that I can be blessed and motivated every morning

  15. Victor says:

    Pina ena e tsamaisa pelo yaka thoteng tse cheleng kgateane

  16. Omphile Moaneng says:

    I woke up filled by the Spirit of the Lord and this is the song that came out from within me, I sang it misn some of the lyrics…… wow God is great indeed.

  17. Karabo PitsOe says:

    Love the sOng too much! #praise_the_Lord..

  18. Thank you so much at least technology used positively.

  19. sibusiso Nkoscee Nkheloane says:

    Love this song

  20. Oupa marope says:

    Can sombody tel me we to buy the whole album of the methodist with the song modimo wa boikanyo

  21. Tiisetso says:

    We grew up ko Mafikeng, ThabaNchu, Bloem,etc with the understanding from our grannies gore this hymn ke “national anthem” ya BaTswana. Indeed ke Modimo wa Boikanyo! Tiisetso

  22. ofentse says:

    Eish anyone who can help with this song MODIMO wa BOIKANYo by Tebogo pls do something this song is killing me

  23. poshkah says:

    Reblogged this on poshkah and commented:
    This is so inspirational, I’m so excited to find these lyrics. I’ll keep up with all the posts. Thank you so much 🙂

  24. Lamme Malefo says:

    I feel blessed as I use to sing this song at school during assembly and there would be a solemn moment when it was sung O Jehovah O motle ka metla, Modimo wa Boikanyo re ikanya mo go wena! Thank you for this day, wa halalela Jehovah wa Makgotla, Lebitso la gago ale bakwe.

  25. ipeleng says:

    Dis song lifts my soul it lifts me up spiritually more espclly Thuso Ena re a e lopang mo botlalong mme re tla go intshekela

  26. jerry says:

    Hi. Please send me a copy of this lyrics,I so love this song and it heals my soul.

    • Dineo says:

      Me too I love this song,everytime,when I am emotionally affected this the lyrics of this song is transpiring in my my mind

  27. Mmapula says:

    Sefela sa ka ke ntsamaise mmoloki tsela e thatathata e tsetse mekonyana e lapisang pelo
    ke sebini ke ya fola moyeng ga ke bina difela

  28. Can somebody translate diz song in Sesotho.this song really touches me.i always cry my eyes out as Teboho sings diz song!

  29. Matlhogonolo says:

    Matlhogonolo Moseki-Mmino wa Tebogo o tlhatswa maikutlo ebile wa tlhonolofatsa

  30. Sefela se se nkgopotsa fa rene re gola ko Alexandra re tsamaya Kereke le bo Ouma le Outata every Sunday re tsena Sunday School ha etswa re tsena kereke le batsadi ba rona go le monate lerato le boitumelo

  31. lerato says:

    Thank you so !much. IT reminds me of my mom.👱

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