Thixo mkhulu, ndive mina

Xhosa Hymn 287:

Thixo mkhulu, ndive mina,
Ngothandazo lwami;
undiphulaphule mina,
Yiva izwi lami.

Great Lord, hear me,
with my prayers;
humble me
Hear my voice.

NguWe olithemba lami,
NgaWe ndinoxolo.
NdingenaWe andinanto,
Unto zonke kumi.

You are the one I trust,
with You I have peace.
without You I have nothing,
You are everything to me.

Ndixolel’ izoono zami
Ndingumooni mina;
Yomelez’ ukholo lwami,

Forgive me my sins,
*I waver in faith;
Strengthen my faith,
You are *

Ndifundis’ indlela yakho,
iyinene yona.
Ndiph’ uththuzelo lwaKho,
Ngobubele baKho.

Teach me Your way,
*for it is good.
Teach me to fear You,
by Your mercy and gentleness.

*there are some parts I was not able to translate, please help me

by correcting me and I will edit the post.

I hope the the hymn is generally understood as a whole;

stay blessed.

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