Ntate, ha ke sa sepela

Ntate, ha ke sa sepela-
Hole lehae la heso,
U nthuse, ke tsebe ho re:
Ho lokile! Ho lokile! #hymn_110

Mami-esi Dee Molisana:
Do you guys think its accepted to sing this song @ the funerals?

Mpho Gift Maimela:
yep especially diz part”se o nkadimileng sona ha ore ke sebusetse le teng ke sa leka hore holokile holokile”

Thelmah Mpaketsane Mamosebo:
this hymn is very much touching

Ngunezi Siya Mkhize:
Yes i tink it iz…i only knw da wordz ‘holokile’ en dis set dt inspyt of ol dt may befol u u knw dt God lovs u en dt ol dt hapens is His will…en ol iz wel… ‘holokile’

Neo McNeezy Ramela:
Ya y not, its sumhw a way 4 acceptance n nt live in indenial, yes holokile, though it may take tym, al dus cum ryt, n tym Heals al wounds

Tebu Nonyane:
Yes dat is y i luv dis part fela hake nale wena bohlokokong le dithlorisong.le teng ke tla leka hore ho lokile ho lokile.

Ngunezi Siya Mkhize:
Pliz ppl…if u cud explayn da words of da song in inglish

Neo McNeezy Ramela:
God is da healer afta al n He knows al dat our hearts desire, in Gud n bad tyms….holokile ka nnete

Lerato Maseogane:
Leha o re ke lesane,le ba ratwang ho fitisa,le teng ke sa leka hore ho lokile holokile

Precious Shanice Mahlare:
Nna I dnt lyk it hle! My cuzn n teacher sang it b4 dey pasd on. Hai *sad*

Ngunezi Siya Mkhize:
I first hed dis song frm Tsepo Tsola…i lovd it den…sum hw it olwayz tel mi dt in ol i fynd my self in God is de…it rimyndz mi of how Jesus dd Godz will ivn whn He knew it wud end in death…He sed it is the will of the One wh sent mi en i mus cary it out

Bonginkosi Bobo-Ngubo Nqabeni:
In xhosa it goes lyk: bawo xa ndi lahlekayo koluhambo lunengozi mayenzeke intando yakho! Unfortunately it is popularly sung kuma funerals bt 2 me this song is more lyk a prayer,,, asking God to give u strenght nd to acknowledge dat everything is done in God’s will…. Amen

Blosse Blossom:
The massage in it bless me, for now I no all things work together for good to them that love God and are called by His purpose

Robert Laka:
is too tough to say dat especialy whn u loose yr luv ones

Neo McNeezy Ramela:
Acceptance is hard bt God knows al n nos da reason y, He brought dose tears, He wil dry da eyes of da person

Ngunezi Siya Mkhize:
We musnt fear death…it is but da way to iternal lyf…wi shal mit God our creator beyond da grave…en we shu b able to sey dt ‘holokile holokile’

Sethunya Gall:
Ho Lokile – Ho Lokile Ho Lokile….. Ho Lokile Ho Lokile….

Blosse Blossom:
We are scared of death and thas our joney and heaven awaits for all of us but my prayer is not to ever miss heven. Yes we sing it at funerals but it hold a powerful message.

Ngunezi Siya Mkhize:
Whn Job lost ol hi hed in lyf hi sed…”naked i cme frm my mothas womb en naked i shal depart – tha Lord gve en He hz taken awey – MAY THE NAME OF THE LORD BE PRAISED”…Konke okwehlela abakholwa uJehova KULUNGILE…KULUNGILE

Thelmah Mpaketsane Mamosebo:
le ge lehu le le bohloko le kgaola tshiu tsaka, *touching*

Bonginkosi Bobo-Ngubo Nqabeni:
Cn sum1 plz finish this line for me,,, “lefu leha lebohale”… *dontknowtheverse*…. There’s a point i want 2 make

PC Mudzunga:
Eish I remember when my brother was passing away !!! I singed it for the whole day! And when I heard a day after that he’s gone!! It was very painfull!

Tebu Nonyane:
?@ Bobo it goes like “le ha lefu lebohale le kgaola tshiu tsaka ke dula ke ntse kere holokile holokile.”

Nthabiseng Motshabi:
Se o nkadimileng sona ha ore ke se busetse… It ws very dificult 2 gve bck my daughter 2 u bt it hapened nd it ws a long lonly journy

Ngunezi Siya Mkhize:
Nthabiseng… Jon 12 vs 27…”nw my heart is troubled,en wt shal i sey? Fatha save me frm this hour? No,it waz fo this very rizn i cme to dis hour. Fatha glorify yo name” ol dt hapens in our lives it is so dt Godz name may b glorifyd…*m sory fo yo loss bt i knw dt God is olwayz with u*

Nthabiseng Motshabi:
?@Siya thnx a lot, u knw whn a bby is born she cries nd evry1 around rejoyce, bt whn da same bby dies shes da 1 who rejoyce nd we r da 1 who cries. Its painful 4 a lving soul

Mami-esi Dee Molisana:
Guys i dont think so nna…
To me its like a reminder of what i lost….

Julia Mashego:
Le ha o re ke lesane, Le ba ratoang ho fitisa. This 1 means that when he call me unto him I will gladly answer his call despite its hard to let go of the Loved ones. We all know that it is hard and terrible hurting to let go of the people you Love but ha pitso e fihlile e fihlile you have to go theres no shortcut. I am glad that you wanted us to share the experience we had during difficult times we had, Tanx. Amen

Hlabirwa-Monchu Mazwi-Mazwi:
Ppl walk in n out of our lyf,our familis trust us no mo n dy giv up on us wn we nid em mst evn our parent bt nt our God.

Lettie Maraj Cindi:
It is well with my sOuL … Ya neh sefeLa sena seng ketsa ke be le matLa hObaneng Tumelo ke MatLa .. Tis song reminds me of my brother dat died a hOrribLe death with this I open up & heaL each day

Thilly Mashishi:
Oh yeh guys this hymn is so painfull especialy when u least expected death of ur loved ones,i said holokile holokile when burying my fiance in february but inside there was nothing well. Even today when i sing it tears drop,i think this hymn is for those leaving this world not the remainers. They wil sing going back to the father saying holokile bcause they have accepted God’s call.

Hlabirwa-Monchu Mazwi-Mazwi:
Thilly,its ok..tears is a silent prayer 4 askin God 2 heal ur heart.D hymn is 4 u too,ur way of sayn “GOD its ur will”

Thilly Mashishi:
Thanx Mazwi,il continue singing it.

Boitumelo Elizabeth:
Dt song ‘holokile’reminds me of a man o ikutlwang alws ge a opela..sum ppl ba re fodisa mo meweng widout dm realyzn it.i remembr february in 2005 when my sista died,le4ko ga le boe bt i wishd she cud die cz she ws suffern,2 dis day,m regretn cz i realyzd hw mch i mizd hr..nomatter wat guys we wl neva adjust mo pitsong ya modimo..go sego baswi ba swelang moreneng gonne nyakallo ba e fumaneng tseleng ea morena,lira ho bona li qhalane,ba hloletswe ke jesu..

Osia Matshwenyego Molemela:
@buitumelo true tht my dear ga le boe lefoko go boa monwanwa@difela we are so blessed ka wena now we know hymns thanks modimo a go tshegofatse keep up the good work

Ngunezi Siya Mkhize:
Kuni nonke ngiyabonga…to ol doz wh hv felt pain en r stil bilivers in Gods wil.may Gods grace ever strenthn u in tym of soro my da love of Jesus ever fil yo heart en may u olways knw dt God is Love en His olweyz de en hi cares.

Difela Hymns:
Thank u all for ur contributions. They are very touching but more than that, they are insightful.

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10 Responses to Ntate, ha ke sa sepela

  1. khutso says:

    Thanx guys your comments just comforted my heart. I was looking for the lyrics and I found this page, it wasn’t by mistake, this is Gods way of saying “I am here!” Thanx a lot guys *wiping my tears away*_ Ho Lokile_ Ho Lokile

  2. Power says:

    Can any1 please email the lyrics of Tshepo tshola -holokile in English. lodwick4ml@ovi.com

  3. Mugume says:

    Hi, I listen to this song so many times and can never get enough of it. Its so moving just by sound give that I don’t understand a single word of it being from Uganda. I wish it could also be put in English.

  4. Mroza says:

    I was looking for lyrics then came across this web, thank you guys for inspiring me soo much , it’s soo nice to see soo many people ba kopane ka di kgopolo/in mind in prayer and praise to the almighty, *BLESSED FOR LIFE*

  5. katlego says:

    can some just send me this lyric tsa tshepo tshola holokile on this email katlego0512@gmail.com

  6. lerato says:

    O ne o nkalimile motswalle,oa re putsa ka lerato,leha pelo e utloile bohloko,o entse thato ea hao. Ntataise Jehohva,ke mofokoli wa hao,ke thekeselle maotong a hao wena mopholosi waka. Ke bepitswe ke bohloko,tlholohela ya moratuwa waka, ha ke tseke ntate,ke mpa ke ikopela matla.
    Ntumele hle ntate,ka tiisetso le mamello,ka hohle,ke leke ho lokile. Ho lokile,
    E ho lokile……….
    Ntate ha ke sa sepela,hole le lehae la heso,o nthuse ke tsebe hore ke tsebe hore,ho lokile,ho lokile. Seo o nkalimileng sona ha o re ke se busetse,le teng ke sa leka hore ho lokile………… Ke khathethe kannete…………

  7. Sibongakonke Ngobese says:

    Impela lengoma iyangithinta, nangendlela acula ngayo uTshepo.. Kodwa-ke abesuthu bacula kamnandi..

  8. Mmabatho Mahlaela says:

    Can someone please send me a link where I can download the song Tshepo Tshola – Ho Lokile(via email).. Or please send the song via email : mmabathomahlaela@gmail.com

  9. There we go. This Hymn is so touching and consoling. I always Sing Hyms when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Hymns helps us to understand our emotions and know how much God loves us. Oh! I’m blessed#

  10. Goitsimang says:

    This song blesses me a lot… And it is very touches knowing that with god everything is possible

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