O Mohau oa Modimo (Translation)

Hymn 342 (Difela Tsa Sione)

1. Oh the mercy of God
Is so bountiful!
Which mouth
can speak of it?
Ever since it was bestowed upon my life
I am left in awe.

2. God you found me
on the road of ruins and doom
when life had knocked me down;
My ears deafened to all discipline and wisdom,
I was always yearning after
slyness, vanity alone.

3. I was driven by desires
that oozed out of my heart;
I was bound to them, bound by them,
I grew with these habits,
never did I say No!;
even when they lead me to death.

4. Sigh, what a foolish person,
(whose eyes are dead) One who is blind,
I ran on thin and slippery roads,
found myself in a pit of problems/trouble;
Oh my, how I took fore-granted
He that tried showing me the way!

5. Thats when Jesus saved me,
by His grace;
had He left me,
where would I be?
He hurried, *(a ntlhoibila)
Held me, and my life came into being.

6. He lead me onto the right path,
gave me a sense of obedience,
tore all my strongholds
and gave me life.
I felt renewed, more so,
I felt free.

*I need help with the meaning.

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3 Responses to O Mohau oa Modimo (Translation)

  1. Sammy Molele says:

    May He bestow honor in you dear friend… this is the song that made me change my ways!I’m gonna check an exacting reference on that word,but it sounds for me like snatch from imminent danger.

  2. Godlip says:

    The meaning of the word in stanza 5 *(a ntlhoibila) means to snatch (mostly to rescue amidst danger)

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