Do not pass me by. – Hymn Testimony 5

Se mphete wena ea ratehang

Good day, today’s hymn testimony is based on Hymn 361, “Se mphete uena ea ratehang” from the Difela tsa Sione Hymn book.

When we assemble in prayer meetings or church services, we often come with different requests.

Some come before the presence of the Lord in order to thank Him for all He has blessed them with; others come before the presence of the Lord to ask for mercy, Ba tla ba kgopela gore Modimo a ba direle mohau maphelong a bona.

As the body of the church, we often change interchange between these roles.

This Hymn testimony is for all those who are facing what they see as one of their biggest challenges in their lives.

I pray that it may comfort you and redeem you from the shackles in the mind that prevent you from seeing a way forward in your life.

In the gospel according to Mathew chapter 27 verses 46 , Jesus cried out to the Lord by saying:

“Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” – which means “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

In sepedi the above scripture is translated as: “Eli! Eli! Lama sabagthani? Ke go re: Modimo wa ka! O ntlogeletseng?”

In zulu the above scripture is translated as: “Eli, Eli, lama sabaktani? Okungukuthi: Nkulunkulu wami, Nkulunkulu wami, ungishiyeleni na?”

The reason I translated the respective verses in the different languages us because I would like those words to go deep within your heart.

We learn from Christ that it imperative to cry to the Lord our God in time of need and He who knows all things shall have mercy on us.

Remember it is through overcoming trials and tribulations that one can rejoice and give praise to God for what He has done.
So no matter the challenges you may be facing at the moment, know that they too shall pass.

Hymn 361 is also a form of prayer as the writer says in verse 2:

“Ke ka ho hlomoha pelo ke tlang ho uena; ha U hauhela batho, nkhauhele le ‘na. Jesu, Jesu, kea U rapela, ha U ntse U sitsa ba bang, Se mphete le ‘na.”

The above translates as follows:

“I come humbly before you Lord, when you show mercy on others, please show mercy upon me to. Jesus, Jesus, I pray unto you, as you attend to the needs of others, please, do not pass me by.”

My dear brothers and sisters, we truly serve a Mighty God, The Lord God Almighty. He loves you and has not forsaken you. Hold on to His promises and they shall come to pass.

Praise Him in all circumstances and He will reveal His Glory to you.

May God bless you all and please share this with fellow brothers and sisters who you feel might need to hear this message.

May you grow in your walk with God.

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3 Responses to Do not pass me by. – Hymn Testimony 5

  1. mapula says:

    so blessed

  2. Shane says:

    Thank you

  3. Buhle says:

    Amen all shall pass,I’m so blessed to hear this massage

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