Difela Hymns

Psalm 95:

Yizani ma sigcobe kuye uYehova; ma senze intsholo yovuyo kwilityekazi losindiso lwethu. Ma size ebusweni bakho ngokubulela; ma senze intsholo yovuyo kuye ngamaculo. (text in Xhosa)

Psalm 100:

Dudueletsang Morena, lona mafatse otlhe; direlang Morena ka boitumelo, tlang fa pele ga gagwe ka kopelo. Tsenang mo dikgoreng tsa gagwe ka tebogo; le mo malwapeng a gagwe ka pako, mo lebogeng, me lo bake leina ja gagwe. (text in Sesotho)

Psalm 98:

Binelang Jehova sefela se secha, hobane o entse dintho tse mehlolo. Lona mafatse kaofela, phahamisetsang ho Jehova mehoo ea thabo ea lona! Tshelang ditlatse tsa lona, le mo binele difela tsa nyakallo. (text in Sesotho)

The above scriptures were shared by Sivuyile Mtsi after being asked “What does Difela Hymns mean to you?”

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2 Responses to Difela Hymns

  1. Mroza says:

    What does Difela/Hymn mean to me, As much as we have different gifts there are people who can read the Bible and and be able to to translate it in a very meaningful way to transform a person’s life, and others can pray in way that thier prayer changes a person and there are people who can take a mere hymn, sing it and touches one’s heart, soo for me sefela goes a long a way it can be sung as a prayer, it can be sung as a motivator and can be sung as a connection to Our God, i for 1 sefela helped me through tough times and still helps me when i wanna reach out to people.

  2. Chumani says:

    O buhla land
    sweet buhla land
    upon thy hights
    i want to stand

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