Encountering God

Glory be to God.

Imagine you have not yet heard about God and you come to a place where believers live and they tell you about their God; you ask if you too can speak to Him and they say yes, now you ask which language does God speak so that you can learn it and communicate with Him.

One believer has two books, The Bible and Lifela Tsa Sione, the believer says to you: ‘ You can use these as a start.’ you look at the two books, desperate to talk to God because even though you do not know Him, something inside of you says: I have been wanting to speak to you for a very long time, I have been seeking you yet not knowing where to find you; I’ve crossed rivers, climbed mountains read books of philosophy, science and mathematics and non could tell me where you are exactly, philosophy even made me question your existence.

You take a moment again to look at the believer and what they hold in their hands, not knowing where to start, you take the hymn book because its smaller in size, you say to yourself: “surely I can read it in its entirety in less than 30min than I’ll be able to speak to God…

you sit down page through the entire Lifela Sione hymn book, in roughly 20-30min you managed to read the entire book but somehow you feel a bit disappointed, in as much as you read everything, it doesn’t seem to make sense to you.

Something from deep within you says that other book is the key, the voice says the Bible is the key.

you than quickly ask the believer for the Bible and before taking it, you ask if you will need to read it all in order to understand who God is and how you can speak to Him.

The believer responds to you by saying: no, its not about how many chapters or verses you read, the word of God is alive and with every word you will feel it talking to you.

Your eyes begin to glow with hope, you open the bible and start reading…

moments pass…

you look up to the believer, you start to smile, then tears start rolling down your eyes…

In a loud and repenting voice you starting singing:

“Khale ke ne ke sa ho lakatse,
Ka ithata!
Ke ne ke re ke nna ea bohlale,
Ka itšepa.
Empa joale ke ntse ke itšaba,
Se hopole boikhantšo joa ka!”
– Lifela Tsa Sione #Hymn_135 #verse2
(Seli la ka, mponesetse tsela)

You stand up, stronger and more alive than you’ve ever felt, lifting up your hands to the sky, face gleams with the holy spirit moving in you; you start to sing/pray the following:

“Bitso la ka, kajeno u le ngole,
Le se ke la tloha bukeng ea hao;
Nako ea hao ha e fihla, u nthole;
Ke ngoan’a hao, ke ngoan’a hao.”
– Lifela Tsa Sione #Hymn_105 #verse7

You say Amen and thank you a few times and after regaining your senses you look to the believer and thank them for lending you the tools, you found that in your journey, searching for the unknown, you found that which was with you and in you all along. You found the love of God and have since then vowed that it will be one conversation that you will never stop having, a conversation with God.

My brothers and sisters, every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord, take time to know Him and He will reveal Himself to you.

God doesn’t not see as man sees, He looks at your heart. Ask Him to purify you by confessing you sins to Him. God is love and He loves you.

Encountering God is a fictional story I wrote to demonstrate that hymns have a deep meaning and in order to understand them fully, you need to read His word (Bible), it doesn’t matter which languages you use, if you seek Him with your hearts you will find Him.

May He be your refuge always.

Kgotso e be le lona. ( May peace be with you all.)

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2 Responses to Encountering God

  1. lenah kagiso motaung says:

    Thank you very much

  2. Leera says:

    Amen!!!!!!! im deeply touched. To God be the GLORY

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