Decision making

Good day my brothers and sisters.

May the peace of our Lord be with you all. Have you ever had a tough decision you needed to make?

My spiritual leader always advices that in everything, consult God. I took these words in and upon reflection I found that often we run to people when faced with decisions, asking them what they think we ought to do; leaving God last.

My brothers and sisters, I am writing this to urge you to include God in all your plans, put Him first. If you feel you may need guidance from another person, ask God to be the driving channel so that indeed you receive the help you need.

As human beings, we often look at things with the flesh instead of using our spiritual eyes; while an opportunity can seem great and even Godsend, its important to consult God and ask him for clarity and sound mind so that whatever decision you make, may bring glory to Him and leave you feeling at peace.

We cannot hide from ourselves and from God. When you have made a decision, your conscious will tell you whether it was a wise decision or not. Often bad decisions leave us feeling unsettling emotions such as ‘guilt’ and ‘regret’.

Take time to be lead by God as described in Psalm 23 and be content.

May God be your constant guide in all decisions big or small you ever have to make.

As we sing Hymn 369, let us also read Psalm 27:13-14 which says:

I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

Together with Psalm 119:105 which says:

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”

We serve an amazing God, when he tells or whispers to you:
“Butle, butle! Bea pelo, ngoan’a ka,
Butle, butle! Ha ‘e-s’o be nako;
Butle! Ke ‘na ke tla bona sebaka;
Ke ntse ke u lisa ka lerato.”

-Lifela Tsa Sione Hymn 369 (1st verse) do not frown or be sad for greater things await you!

Ke kgotso bana beso.

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6 Responses to Decision making

  1. Tshedi says:

    Thank you thank you. Today it was my perfect timing to read this, keep on writing leaving the gift for whom the Lord intends for. Stand strong throught the power of His might, keep going through Him ordering your steps. You’re a vessel , keep on allowing Him

  2. Tshedi says:

    Yes please

  3. Mirandah says:

    Tjoooh ekare o kena kereke ya rona lool u remind of mamruti waka ka “butle butle” hle thank u admin u uplifted my spirit.

    Happy new year!

  4. annonymous says:

    i am an 18 year old girl completed my matric last year.early ds year i ws so desperate to go to college bt i jst realised dat it was nt da ryt moment for me.after reading dis article i was so blessed.i evn realised dat GOD ansas at His own tym.ol He wants frm us is jst patience.thnk u thnk u God blesss……..kip on rytn

  5. Leera says:

    We thank God for you, i’ve been having problems with my faith but now after reading your messege i say to the devil: YOU HAVE NO SPACE IN MY LIFE……I AM NOT SICK IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path

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