Double for your trouble

Good morning my brothers and sisters. We are all familiar with the popular song: “My God is good-oh, everything with him is double-double-oh.”

The message behind this song is more powerful than we realize.

I would like to direct you to the book of Isaiah chapter 61, titled: The year of the Lord’s Favour.

Favour as defined in the English dictionary has the following meanings:

1. an approving attitude; good will

2. an act performed out of good will, generosity, or mercy

3. prejudice and partiality; favouritism

4. a condition of being regarded with approval or good will (esp in the phrases in favour, out of favour)

5. Archaic leave; permission

6. a token of love, goodwill, etc.

Wherever you are with your new year resolutions, do not be dismayed and announce that this is not your year, take a step back, reflect and say unto the Lord: ‘Father open my eyes so that I may see.’ These words will indeed help you see your life with a new vision, God’s vision for your life. You will begin to thank Him for the closed doors, for the friends who deserted you when you needed them most, for the family members who failed to be family to you; You will thank Him because through those closed doors you have learned not to rely on the favour of men but on the bountiful Favour of the Lord.

Some of you are young in terms of your spirituality however let me tell you that, spiritual growth is not measured by the amount of years you’ve been baptized, oh no! It is measured by the amount of spiritual food you feed on, yes, the word of the Lord together with the hymns you sing; More than that, it is measured by your power to overcome trials and tribulations for that is when you use your weapons of warfare.

Let no one lie to you by saying that being a Christian means living a problem free, trial free life, no, it is being more than a conqueror. The troubles of this life have no dominion over you, so do not let them be the only thing you see.

This is the year of the Lord’ Favour. Going back to the song, I mentioned in the introduction,lets read what verse 7 of Isaiah 61 says:

“Instead of their shame
my people will receive
a double portion,
and instead of disgrace
they will receive
in their inheritance;
and so they will inherit
a double portion in their land,
and everlasting joy will be theirs.”

Keep doing the good work you are doing and God will reward you double for your trouble. Be careful of the tongue, may it not lead you into transgressions for it is a consuming fire.

I would like to end of by quoting (singing) Hymn 163: “Ke habile leholimong”, from the Lifela Tsa Sione hymn book.

Ke habile leholimong,
Tseleng ha ke na bolutu;
Ha ke tsamaee ke le mong,
Ke na le Morena Jesu.

Lefelleng, moo ke tsamaeang,
Ho lahleha ba bangata;
Empa ‘na, ea ntsamaisang
Ke Jesu, ke mong’a tsela.

Ha ke tsebe pelaelo,
Tlala le ho tsera pelo;
Che, ke ntse ke khora thabo,
Ha ke ntse ke na le Jesu.

O, ho monate hakaakang
Ha ke buisoa ke Jesu!
O tseba ho felisa hang
Tsohle tse nkhathatsang pelo.

Mohlomong, tsela e ntenne,
Ke shoele ke mokhathala;
Jesu o teng, ho ntekane,
Oa nkhothatsa, o mpha matla.

Ke habile lehodimong,
Ke ea ka mafolofolo;
Ha ke sa lakatsa ho hong,
Ha ke tsamaea le Jesu.

May God bless you and keep you.

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