Day of Reconciliation

Today as we celebrate and commemorate the Day of Reconciliation, the 1st day going forward after the burial of our beloved leader, father of the nation, Tata Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela; I would like us my fellow brothers and sisters to take on a new leaf.

We are each fighting our own secret battles, some are fighting sinful habits and yearn to be renewed in the holy spirit and do not know how to surrender their lives to God.

Others are fighting the battle within, making it hard for them to forgive others of transgressions against them as the remorseful deeds done against them in the past are to brutal to forget, making it even harder for them to let go.

Some of our fellow brothers and sisters are on the fence, they have no reason to hold grudges except by being sympathetic to loved ones and not being able to move forward, they remain still as the strong ties to the past beg them to take a bold stand but the present situation questions the motives of their boldness.

Many are the factors that can cause conflict in a persons heart and further on in a team, society and greater country…

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the words said by our Lord Jesus Christ:

“To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:31-32

This is a very powerful statement. The word of God speaks to your inner spirit and also communicates with your heart so that it may be alive in you.

A simple earnest prayer, is sufficient to free you from the ties of the past.

Your breakthrough is a prayer away, forgiveness needs to begin with you, before forgiving another, you need to forgive yourself for holding on for so long to the pains of the past. You need to accept God’s love for you which will enable you to freely forgive others as you acknowledge the gift that He gave you by forgiving you for your sins.

Reconcile with God and make it a foundation to build your relationships with other people.

People will start to see the change in you for even your self conduct will be transformed. When asked how you did it, how you freed yourself, you can start by singing Hymn 116 which in itself speaks volumes about finding rest in the Lord.

Ha le lakatsa ho tseba
Kamoo ke pholositsoeng,
Mamelang ha ke le joela,
Ke le supisa tsela.
Jesu ke ‘Moloki oa ka,
O nkhethetse bolulo;
Kea mo rata, hob’a nthata,
A ‘neile bophelo.

Ke ne ke shoele melatong,
Ke ne ke hloka tsepo,
Ke ne ke mathela lefung,
Ke sa tsabe Molimo.
Jesu ke ‘Moloki oa ka,…

Teng ka utloa Evangeli
E re, Jesu o nchoetse.
Ea e-ba sona sehlare
Se thusang moea oa me.
Jesu ke ‘Moloki oa ka,…

E, kajeno ke folile,
Ke ngoana oa Molimo;
Ke lumetse, ke thabile;
Ha ke na pelaelo
Jesu ke ‘Moloki oa ka,…

Leha ke le matsoenyehong,
Ke loana ntoa e kholo,
Nke ke ka sutha bophelong,
Ke bolokoa ke Jesu.
Jesu ke ‘Moloki oa ka,
O nkhethetse bolulo;
Kea mo rata, hob’a nthata,
A ‘neile bophelo.
Jesu ke ‘Moloki oa ka,…

Monghali, kea rapela,
U nthuse ka tiisetso,
Ke n’o tseba ho finyella
Motseng oa linyakallo.
Jesu ke ‘Moloki oa ka,
O nkhethetse bolulo;
Kea mo rata, hob’a nthata,
A ‘neile bophelo.
Lifela Tsa Sione #Hymn_116

My brothers and sisters, all things are possible with God, you can either be mastered by your emotions or you can master your emotions. Let us not forget that we serve a living God and in seeking peace we do not have to resort to violent actions.

Let us not look at Tata as the glue that held our nation together, oh No! Let his legacy be a foundation of which we can build a better country for generations to come. It all begins with you and me.

May the grace of our Lord God continue to be with you all.


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