Ke na le Modisa!

Ha ke se ke feta – Khohlong e lefifi,
Ha nka ke ka tšoha tsela – E chehiloeng lifi.

Ke tšepa molisa,- Ea lisang ka lesoai;
Ke eena ea tla ntšelisa- Ka mohau oa hae.
-Lifela Tsa Sione #Hymn_111 (verse 4&5)
•Good afternoon my brothers and sisters, sometimes we find ourselves in situations that test our faith, the moment where u find yourself scared or your faith wavering and you do not know how to begin calling out to God…

I had such a moment today & immediately I became calm & at peace because I remembered King David. I just started reciting Psalm 23 and kept repeating: “Though I may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear, for your Sheperd’s rod and staff protect me.”

I repeated it enough times for all of me to really trust that God is with me and no harm shall come upon me.

My reasons for sharing this with you is so you know that in order for you to be steadfast, you need to keep the word of God at the tips of your tongue at all times. I know many would say they are not good with remembering scriptures, know that many hymns just like hymn 111 were composed from bible verses; Learn one well and be able to sing or say it in time of need.

Praise the Lord your God at all times and know that he is with you.

Stay blessed.•

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3 Responses to Ke na le Modisa!

  1. Berlinda says:

    i always sing “sedi laka mponesetse tsela ke tsamaye, go lefifi gape go sebaka ntsamaise….. This song realy boost my faith

  2. ke na le modisa ke tla be ke hlokang

  3. Leera says:

    Thank you very much for sharing, i’ve been having a serious problem with my faith but after reading this i now know what to do. thanx once again. To God be the GLORY.

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