May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

Continuing on our theme: “Courage” I would like to touch on something.

Normally when we think of this character trait, we tend to think of situations where we felt we needed courage in order to pursue something or take an untraveled path; However, my brothers and sisters I would like you to think of it on a deeper level than that.

Think and meditate on your relationship with God.

“Courage”, in our spiritual walk with God means trusting Him fully to follow His ways and not rely on our own understanding.

Courage is taking the step forward declaring that “its not by might, nor by power but by the Spirit of God.”

Courage is praying for things unseen with the belief that He who has promised these things shall bring it to pass.

Courage is accepting Jesus Christ as the son of God and allowing His Spirit to live in you and transform you.

Courage is loving your neighbour as yourself for we are all made in the image of God; this means being empathic at all times and treating one another with brotherly love.

Courage is professing boldly that all your achievements, great and small were achieved because God showered relentless favour upon your life.

Courage is remaining steadfast in your faith even when circumstances are unfavourable because you know you are not alone, God is with you. His Sheppard’s rod and Staff will protect you.

Courage is picking yourself up after failures and focusing on the prize set before you.

Courage is finishing what you started with what you now have.

Courage is waking up each day with hope of a better outcome.

Courage is allowing yourself to be used as a vessel and be a blessing to others so their faith can be strengthened as they see God working in and through you.

Courage is my life as described in the hymn titled “Ha le mpotsa tsepo ea ka” – Hymn 108 from the Lifela Tsa Sione Hymn book.

Courage is sharing this with you in hope that you will see that your being here today is not a mistake, God ordained your life into being and has a purpose designed especially to be fulfilled by you.

Courage is saying “I love you” to someone you care about even after they’ve said or done unpleasant things.

Courage is forgiving, not only yourself but others too.

Courage is courageous at all times and diffuses fears with each action.

Courage can be found in God and if you believe it, He will lead you to trying times which are opportunities to be courageous and grow in faith.

Courage my brothers and sisters is a seed, water it daily and it will bear fruits that will serve you at the right time.

Courage is holding someone up when they feel they can no longer go on. Be strong for them as that courageous spirit will give birth to one in themselves.

Courage is admitting that: ‘I am because, we are.’

May all glory be to God.

Stay blessed.

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