Ka hlahlathela feelleng halelele – Translation

Below is the hymn translation of hymn 338 from the Lifela Tsa Sione hymn book. Please note that all the translations are original works and copyright is reserved. You are free to share with anyone who might benefit from the below and if you want to contribute in making the translations please do not hesitate to contact me on difelaDOThymnsATgmailDOTcom.

Ka hlahlathela feelleng haleleleFor long wandering in the wilderness
Ke se na Molimo, ke se na tsepo Not having God, not having hope
Ho le lefifi, nyora le nkhamileIt was dark and I was dying of thirst
Ke tsietsoe, ke shoele ke sekoboto.I was burdened, dying of famine
Joale ke bone seliba sa ‘neteThen I saw a fountain of truth
Seliba se mapholi, se monate. – A refreshing fountain, a delicious one

Har’a likaka tsa libataolo – In the depths of the great sand sea
Ka ‘na ka cheka, ka hlora hakaakang!I kept digging, with intense loneliness
Ke batla metsi, empa ho se letho,Looking for water, however finding nothing
Jo, ke lehlabathe feela le monyelang. Oh my, its only sand that’s flowing
Joale ke bone seliba sa ‘nete,... – Then I saw a fountain of truth,…

Makhatheng a ho shoa, ka utloa lentsoeJust when I was about to die, I heard a voice
Le re: Uena ea nyoriloeng, tlo metsing!Saying: you that is thirsty, come to the fountain!
Ha ke talima, ka bona moroeroe, – When I looked, I saw the Son,
Ke Jesu. A mpitsa a eme selibeng.Its Jesus. Calling me standing by the fountain
Joale ke bone seliba sa ‘nete,…Then I saw a fountain of truth,…

Ahe, kea u boka, Jesu oa ka,Oh, I bless you, my Jesus,
Ke le malibeng a mahlohonolo In depths of luck
*Ke hlaphohile, ke tsoha molotaI see things clear now, I soar; rise high
Kajeno ke ruile khotso, nyakalloToday I have gained peace, joy

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One Response to Ka hlahlathela feelleng halelele – Translation

  1. Alphoncina 'Mou says:

    * On the rocky and extremely hard surfaces

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