New year – The 3rd day


Ke na le molisa,
Ke tla be ke hloka’ng?
Ke ea ipitsang Jehova,
Molimo o phelang.
-Lifela Tsa Sione No. 111
•Today marks the 3rd day into the new year, 2017.

On the first, many celebrated in jubilation as they could say they indeed entered safely into the new year. Some renewed their hope by going to church and proclaimed that 2017 will be better than 2016, however…

There are some who remain discouraged as they see no hope of a better year looking at the circumstances they find themselves in.

If this is you, I kindly ask that you take that giant that’s tormenting you, leaving you depressed with sleepless nights and give it to God.

You do not know what they future holds but you can choose to be hopeful of a better tomorrow. You can choose to LET GO and LET GOD.

Sing this hymn out loud, as many times as you need, until you can proclaim that God has a plan for your life, plans to bring you good fortune and not harm because God loves you.

Do not mistake the presence of challenges as the absence of God in your life, Oh no! That’s when God comes to show his Glory over your life, by overcoming obstacles you can testify that you indeed serve the living God.

Be of good courage my brothers and sisters and may your cup overflow.•

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